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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
It's only 5gb so only takes a few minutes to download.
Statements like that make me feel old!

They keep tweaking Fortnite. Latest change in nerfing the pump shotguns a little bit, something the elites don't like, but it makes the game a little more even and fun for the 90% who aren't pros.

Right now there's a blitz mode. Games only last 15 minutes instead of up to 22. Starts out with a storm circle ready to close and quicker storms. Might be more fun for those who complain that they mine materials and loot forever and die at first sign of action. You get right into the action. I like the mode.

And, there's a practice mode coming soon. Lots of materials and loot, team damage and you RESPAWN. I guess it'll be more like deathmatch than battle royale.

Finally, just saw a story about "president" or VIP game mode. It's an unofficial game mode. Basically a bunch of people queue up and one player is the president. He doesn't carry any weapons. It's everyone else's job to protect him.
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