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Basically, to resize any BSP, simply slick on the "Actor Scale" tool, then in "top down" view, select a corner vertex on the "room" and stretch the BSP to increase its size. Changes won't update until you do a "rebuild geometry"

ie: This room is too small. We need to make it bigger....

Click the Actor Scale tool, (I like to sometimes use the "Show Large Vertices" as it makes it easier to see a particular vertex.) And now, simply stretch the room out.

Now do a Rebuild Geometry and your room is rescaled. You may have to realign some of the textures though.

Now, you can also do this to outdoor areas as well. Say you are building a terrain based map and find out the area is actually much smaller than you expected it to be... Simply do what I showed you (above) to the main subtracted cube. Do a Geo Rebuild. Now you can go into your TerrainInfo and scale it up to make the terrain reach the now larger subtracted cube.

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