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As for a "secret wall" which appears there but really isn't. Its simple. Set up your red builder brush to the dimensions you'd need to fill the area where the "wall" is. IMO, if its an illusionary wall, go with a flat sheet brush. Pick out your texture to be used and now, when you are ready to [add] in the brush, click on [add special brush] and set the properties in the PopUp window to [non solid] [two sided]. That will successfully add in what "looks like a wall" but it really has no depth and you can pass through it.

As for how to block ALL weaponfire from passing through it. I think your only option is to create a retangular brush which encompasses the entire area of the "illusionary wall" and place a BlockingVolume there. Now you'll have to set the BlockingVolume's properties to bClassBlocker=True and hit the [add] button to create a field to choose a class to block. Now you'll have to go through the 100's of listings to find what's needed. I just tried a classblocker for "Projectiles" and that wasn't working as I thought it would. So you are probably stuck having to create multiple fields and setting up a class to block for each of the weapon types you'll have access to in that area. eek!

I'll play around with this more tonight and see if I can get you more info. unless you've figured it out already. If so, share the knowledge!

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