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Major update, sort-of. (see first post for download)
Version 2 of the Eradicator now implements the same control and AI logic as the Perses artillery turrets. The WVArtillerySupport package for improved target acquiring AI is shared between the Eradicator and Perses. I obviously can't provide a mutator for putting the Eradicator into existing maps, so here's a modified Torlan 32p version that replaces the turrets at the corner nodes with the Eradicator. The map obviously isn't meant for serious play, as the Eradicator placement makes comebacks almost impossible - each of them can attack their neighboring nodes and the only safe place is in the core base.

ONS-Torlan-32p-Eradicator.7z (1.7MiB, requires packages from the first post)
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