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Originally Posted by Wormbo View Post
Oh, I see the problem. The original SPMA camera shell has a location correction feature that also still exists in the Reversed SPMA camera shells, except that it does not get the necessary correction information anymore.

THB, I don't see myself releasing anything any time soon. A fix should be relatively easy, though. If you use Reversed SPMA embedded in a map, you can edit the ReverseSPMAArtilleryCameraShell class (show non-placeable classes, then go to Actor >> Projectile >> ONSMortarShell >> ONSMortarCamera >> ReverseSPMAArtilleryCameraShell, doubleclick it to open script editor) to include the line "RealLocation = Location;" both in DeployCamera() and EndedRotation(). Just add it anywhere at the start or end of both functions, then click the "Compile changed scripts" button (or select it from the menu) to update the bytecode accordingly. Finally, save the map to persist the changes. (No further rebuilding required.)

Background: ONSMortarCamera uses simulated state Deployed to perform the logic, while ReverseSPMAArtilleryCameraShell moved it to simulated function DeployCamera() and simulated event EndedRotation(). (I don't remember why, but it was probably a cleaner solution to a different replication-related problem.)
Thanks, I'll incorporate this into my next ArcticJunkyard edit.
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