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Originally Posted by Wormbo View Post
...The reason I changed that part in the first place was that the AVRiL redirection made the SPMA weak. You essentially draw in all enemy AVRiLs from around you by launching that camera shell. Literally every opponent can attach you without you having a way to defend yourself...
True but by removing the Avril redirect you flip that situation around so that the SPMA can attack without the victims having a way to defend themselves or attack back. And the SPMA can one-shot kill someone on foot where as it takes several Avril hits to kill a SPMA.

If a SMPA driver hears an Avril lock and then destroys their own camera the Avril lock is lost, right? So a good SPMA driver, when hearing an Avril lock, is going to destroy their camera and move slightly to avoid the drifting Avril. If a SPMA driver lets someone lock Avrils onto them by redirect of the camera and doesn't do anything about it then they deserve to die. I think even with the Avril re-direct the SPMA driver still has the advantage.
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