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Right. I guess I'll give a default value (Reverse SPMA being "redirection-proof", Helios and Hephaestus not) and allow mappers to relatively easily change that by editing a default value for that vehicle class.
The reason I changed that part in the first place was that the AVRiL redirection made the SPMA weak. You essentially draw in all enemy AVRiLs from around you by launching that camera shell. Literally every opponent can attach you without you having a way to defend yourself. The Helios now has the Poltergeist/Basilisk energy shock wave for the driver to take care of incoming AVRiL rockets, while the Hephaestus driver could use the flamethrower to do the same thing.

Camera visibility probably should be fixed, though. It's bad enough that you are being attacked by a vehicle you can't see. You really should at least be able to figure out how it saw you.
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