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Interesting but i think that's not complete, do not trust the first picture, the model here is somehow broken by the obj importer plugin in sketchup, the black lines you see there are a bug because sketchup hide the triangles, in fact the front wall has something like 71 triangles, the whole model has 4000 faces, a model like this must have 3000 faces after optimization, i'd try something like a year to fix theses lightnings issues, change the triangle orientations and layout, tesselisation etc..
In fact i found the second part of explanation on the Rachel Cordone site: Smoothing groups/
Very easy to use, just select a group of faces and assign them a number of smoothing groups, where i spent a week on a model, The problem was settled in few minutes.
There is however in somes cases more or less rarely, you can always seeing some lighting traces that deserves to be manually fix.
Here's two pics from exactly the same model, one without smoothing group, the second have it.

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