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Originally Posted by GLoups! View Post
I use max and sketchup, it take me days to understand that i have to bring order in the material browser before exporting, i guess it is the same way in Blender, also the outpout options in the ase exporter, here's one model i'm currently working on and the six materials that are going to be display in unrealed SM browser, it's a need to add somes smoothing groups for not having lighting issues when building the map afterward .

Once in Ued:

One thing to keep in mind when making StaticMeshes: you should attempt to split large faces into smaller ones, even if it increases the polycount a bit. The game is over 12 years old by now and I think it's fair to assume that most players have upgraded their hardware in the meanwhile and can handle a little more detail in an older game without any problems.

The reason for splitting faces is the fact that UE2 uses vertex lighting on StaticMeshes. I could go into details why that is an important thing to keep in mind, but Hourences did a much better job at explaining it:
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