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Originally Posted by Anonymous[Lolz] View Post
I remember sketchup has a giant repository of free meshes, are they all capable of being exported to unreal? I think this is it:

I can see massive potential of making maps using prefabs in very short periods of time, or simply importing better-looking trees than the ones provided with the game, just as an example.

The terms of service for 3D Warehouse are not really understandable, but if you ask modelers directly, most of times there is no problem for them to share their works and happy that the persons asked, as long it's for non-commercial purposes (which is the case here) and you want to mention their names somewhere with your work, that's what i did for some static-meshes on syrma, however it's not as simple to find exactly what you are looking for, most of times the models are not very optimized for games, also sketchup's models are not very well textured, find several modeles which go together is not easy, there is generally lot of work to fix them unless you found the rare jewell, more, making your own models can be a contentment, of course it's possible.

I played one or two years ago with google earth, one of the old version offered the possibility via somes free software, i think it's 3DRipperDX, to get the 3d buildings you want all over the world or even the terrains just next door to your home (imagine to reproduce the grand canyon in 3d model for your map), that's possible but not so easy, anyway there's somes places you can find somes free stuff, here's ( a good one.
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