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Okay, I got it to work somehow. I was trying to use a couple of different ase exporters but they are for older versions of Blender and they don't always work so I was exporting as lwo. I finally decided to try the ase again and it worked this time. Still not sure what's going on there as I didn't make any changes to the Blender file. I just closed Blender then opened it up with the default cube and unwrapped that and the ase exporter worked on it so I opened my file without closing Blender and the ase exporter worked on it this time and I got the multiple material thing in the games SM browser.

So what I'm trying to do here is add a texture that Lagzilla made to a static mesh that I made. He made a street signs texture for Minus and had some static meshes made from it and had the signs attached to poles. I had already put in traffic lights and just wanted to attach basic signs to the traffic lights so I made my own meshes and used his textures. Thanks for that Lag, you motivated me to figure out how to get U/V mapped and textured meshes into the game. I can't tell you how happy it made me to finally do that. I could have just changed your texture to put bare metal on the back of the sign but I needed to figure out the multiple materials things for the panning of the tanks treads texture on the tank model I'm working on. Thanks again.

Here's a pic of my simple little sign (that made me so happy) with part of Lag's texture applied. You can't see it but the edges and back are a different texture.

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