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Ah, found the knob to turn on the Megabadger to adjust its speed up/slow down rate. Here's a first beta version of those three updated vehicles:
Badgers V2 beta 1

Like the Dragon update, this one contains a mutator to upgrade existing Badgers, Hoverbadgers and Megabadgers for testing purposes. Summon codes are BadgersV2beta1.Badger, BadgersV2beta1.Hoverbadger, and BadgersV2beta1.Badgertaur.

Listing changes is a bit difficult. I've raised the pivot of the badger model a bit so it's inside the chassis now. That fixes quite a few problems already, for example clipped shadows, entry problems for the Megabadger (it no longer needs a separate use trigger), and weird rotation behavior.
Also I rebuilt the Hoverbadger using parts of its original code and parts of my Hovertank code. It is a bit heavier now and isn't pushed around by damage as much anymore. (That was far too much, compared to other Badgers.) One of its new features is floating - like the Hovertanks, the Hoverbadger will float on water if unoccupied and only slowly takes water damage.
The Megabadger received as big treatment as well. For example its handling works much more like that of the Minotaur. It takes more time to get up to speed or slow down. I've exchanged the two seats so the gunner controls the cannon, just like in other Badgers. It fires only one projectile (Minotaur:3, old Megabadger: 2), but with adjusted damage amount and radius. Instead of the Minotaur-style laser turret, the driver controls a Minigun with explosive munition.

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