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Originally Posted by Anonymous[Lolz] View Post
I tried 5000 once and still got disconnected, so it might not be it. Maybe try MaxClientRate=15000 for a week or two and see if that helps? The performance impact should be minimal as most have their netspeed at 10000 or whatever the default is, and setting it via the ini to >10000 will not work, it must be set in-game via the console each map. Very few do this, probably four people on this entire server.
I've tried netspeed 10001 (over 10000 will uncap the FPS limit). It doesn't seem to make much difference. I've played with it higher say 12000, but it seems more playable at 10000 or ~8500 or so. I think though its dependent on your connection.

I haven't noticed any disconnects, but the last couple times I've played (last week/end) the server seemed to have quite a bit of lag (more than the usual spikes)
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