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Default Random disconnects in mass
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for last few months the random disconnects while playing has been getting worse

sometimes its when folks are on mic
but lately its just random and several of us are kicked at same time.

this never happened years back . not any not at all.

it might be a bad router caching issue

or as simple as a nic going bad.

i cant count how many routers i'v retired over the last 20 yrs.

as its several of us at the same time then its not us its the server.

i upgraded everything and removed all my old cabling thinking it might be my issue.

new modem . new cable , new 4.7 ghz puter , i even had cable co replace my lines. and ran long term tests.

i have some extra memory , chips, nics ,drive, ssd drive, cables. wadda need?.
take a look at your mb an make sure the caps on it are all ok , the ones around the memory. they will pooch out on top when going bad but still run sometimes.

and thanks for keepin the server running this long .
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