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Originally Posted by Wormbo View Post
New version available! (link in first post updated)

  • Added missing death message to Helios nuclear explosion and increased its network priority to make it show up more reliably under load
  • AVRiL rockets are now redirected to the artillery vehicle again, but only after at least one second of flight
  • Fixed camera shells (and primary artillery shells) not necessarily being visible all the time due to limited CullDistance inherited from stock SPMA
  • Improved visibility of blue camera shell thrusters against sky/fog
  • Adjusted bot AI criteria for picking the gunner seat over of the driver seat
  • Improved time to target calculation for shell fuse timer in case an invalid target location was selected by the player
  • Reduced amount of Hephaestus napalm by 45%, but increased its damage by 25%
  • Reduced average fire particle count for Hephaestus napalm by 50%
  • Reduced network bandwidth impact for Hephaestus napalm (I hope without significantly breaking it)
Thanks, I'll update these for the next version of ArcticJunkyard.
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