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I've never noticed the same trouble seeing the camera that I have on Arctic-Junk but I don't think there are a lot of maps where a SPMA gets used much. Capn Gordans is the one that stands out the most and it's fog distance is 10000. With 4 of them in this map I definitely see more use of them than I have in any other map. Raising the cull distance on the camera to match Arctic-Junk would be great. They are already hard to see on that map for some reason, especially the blue one.

What about them drawing on the ground? I saw that again yesterday. Tried to get a screenie but the round ended.

Imo, the Avril should redirect on any SPMA based vehicle but I tend to have opinions like that that others don't agree with. People like to sit back and easily dominate because of unbalanced play, . While it's much better than D-Junk, A-Junk still suffers from being very difficult to make a comeback on and one team is often pounded back to their base with very little chance of recovering. The new Artillery vehicles make that worse and are kind of a replacement for the ridiculous cluster bomb, in that they can sit back and suppress nodes with little chance of getting killed because you have to get by so many of the Artillery's teammates to get to it, just like the Arbalest. UT is an arena shooter. Any weapon that breaks the requirement for a direct line-of-sight needs to be carefully considered.
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