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Originally Posted by DarkMatter View Post
Awesome, glad to see another fan out there. Been a big fan of these people for a couple years now. I purchased Invincible and Archangel as soon as they were made available to the public. The one that got me hooked on them while I was browsing youtube was Titan Dune.
Mmmm mmm the feeling, power, etc is just breathtaking. lol I could chatter on like crazy their music is like a drug to me!

on a side note, I have Hyperblast Redux, Sunkissed, ut2k3 menu music and a few others on my android for listening to.

*edit* Well Laser, with all the reply's here I guess you and I are the only ones here that have any interest in TSFH.. shame
Naw, I got 15 tracks! <3 <3 <3
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