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Cool.. I haven't played it yet. It certainly looks like as if it were made by UT2004 enthusiasts, no doubt.. The gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same - wall dodge jumps, double jump, etc. Too bad UT4 came out right afterwards, even if it was never finished thanks to the lucrative prospect of Fortnite.

Originally Posted by Enyo View Post
Looks cool, might check that out.

I think the youtuber comment about Arena FPS is off the mark... maybe some new players get turned off by "elitist attitudes," but the truth is battle royale games are the money makers and draw the largest numbers of new players by praying on the immature vanity of teens and pre-teens.

If elitist attitude was a major turn-off for newbies, then that Ninja guy wouldn't have millions of twitch followers. My son watches his streams and said he's one of the cockiest Fortnite players out there.
Preying - I caught you with a spelling error for the first time ever! Haha..

Good point, dude.. both you and I could easily dominate all of these games that branched off of Counter Strike and Team Fortress.. CoD, Battlefield, and now these games. It just uses a different aiming strategy with the recoil and the hitscan mechanics - but once you get the handle of the aiming at the instant the crosshair reticle fixes on the target for a headshot, then boom! It's completely different from Quake3/Unreal games... well, somewhat like using Goliath's primary fire for accuracy - you have to account for the movement - the momentum of the turret itself.

I think what was meant regarding "elitist attitudes" was the intolerance of those who lacked in skill or teamplay qualities - as many servers just gravitated toward clan-oriented elitist societies. When such games' player-bases started dwindling to the remaining few hardcore players, they just absolutely dominated the newcomers and gave them no chance. There was just no hope for the newcomers, who were felt like their brains were being fucked out into oblivion by the "cheaters", as they often assumed.

Yet, with PUBG or Fortnite, the player-base remained large enough with a healthy growth factor, with enough newcomers pouring in on a daily base, that the elitists who quickly developed their skills at the beginning remained few and sparse among the population at large. That was the fuel to the fire - as long as the fire didn't dwindle, the fire kept on burning thanks to the added fuel.

These kind of games are driven by the console genre gameplay style, that were not hardcore enough to require the use of a mouse and keyboard like the Quake/Unreal genre. Hence the massive population of all of these kiddies who don't even know what it's like to just do ruthless fighting arena-style without all of the camping crap or cheap teamplay strategy.
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