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Well, after a week of playing this game I'm going to have to retract my previous statements. As I played more and more I can see why the servers are half full most nights. At first this game looks awesome but it has about 4 HUGE problems that just killed it for me.

1. Auto aim weapons = makes you an easy kill. I just played a round where I ejected from my titan and was sniped while flying through the air. Come to find out there is an automatic sniper rifle that auto locks on to targets. There is also an auto pistol that auto locks in 3 seconds or 1 second if using an amp card.

2. Too many Godlike players = makes you an easy kill.The game highly rewards hardcore players with thousands of hours logged in. Three of us went after a player on the team who was as high a level as you can get (according to his badge). I emptied my machine gun clip on him and he wiped out all three of us with one clip of his.

3. Spawn points are awful. When you die, you either re-spawn out in BFE (Bum Fuck Egypt) or under the foot of an enemy titan.

4. Hit detection is atrocious. Half the time when I watch the replay of the guy that killed me ...he never had the reticle on me.

Damn. Been eager to find something else to play. Guess I'll keep on looking.

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