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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
Carpe has been here since this thread was started and he didn't comment so Idk. He doesn't respond much to things anymore. I wish he would hand the reigns over to analog. I feel like analog would take a more active role with the community but that he doesn't want to step on Carpe's toes.

I don't like Torlan or Primevel but at this point I wouldn't care if they were on the server. Good luck.
You're correct Bing, I am not around much. As for "handing over the reigns to Analog", I've never held them exclusively. All those years when I was around but
not playing ? Analog held the reigns and wasn't around much in those times.

As for your last line, it may be what you feel but it's entirely misguided. For years and years Analog, Pi (I don't know where he's gone.. .sigh) and myself
have understood that all three of us were there to guide Omni forward together after The Boss packed it in; it was always a collaborative situation. And
yes, I did bear and shoulder the majority of the load so it may appeared that I was "the man" or whatever label you wish to attach.

Again, so it's crystal clear, Analog is around here about as much as I have been recently, if I make an inquiry of him regarding anything it can take weeks
for him to respond. I'm not criticizing him, merely illustrating that neither of us visit all that often (although I've tried to check in once a week in the last
few). If I don't respond it's usually because I don't feel it's necessary. Additionally, Annie is not afraid of stepping on my toes, our little posse of three
two doesn't subscribe to any sort of hierarchy.

As for Torlan, it was banished from the server eons ago because it just wasn't big enough. Additionally, because it didn't have an s(t)uper vehicles, the
prospect of it being in the map list was met with much teeth gnashing and many temper tantrums. However, at this stage with the playing population
dwindling I'll put whatever maps people want on the server.
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