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UT2k4 UScript Tutorials 101: Variables
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OK all, here we go. I'm going to multiple lessons, all in separate threads for this. I'm going to start off with the most basic concept in programming in general, and how it works in UScript. If you are expecting to see anything in this thread about replication, the network in general, objects, parent classes, meshes, collision, etc, you are in the wrong thread (I will be be dealing with all of that wonderful stuff in later threads!) I will be posting this in multiple posts, so be prepared and don't give me any lip for double or triple-posting.

Before I begin, let me just say something - those of you who are new to programming, or just to UScript, I suggest you start reading here. Please, please, PLEASE, do not run off into copy-paste-cross-fingers land without knowing what it is you are copy-and-pasting. It's bad for you, because you don't learn anything, and it's bad for the people who will one day be using your content, because god forbid if there is ever a serious bug (take for instance, the shadows crash in Freon), YOU will be the person who will need to not only find it, but fix it. If you are blindly copy and pasting code that looks like it does what you think, but you don't actually know the details of how it does what it does, this task is not going to be easy, and sometimes it may be downright impossible.

Having said that, let's move onto UScript Lesson 101: Variables!
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