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Originally Posted by Kamek View Post
Sorry I'm a bit late to the party

Sounds like you got the link tank issues taken care of, but if needed I can go back and make revisions to the Onslaught Toys package when I have time. I lost the source code so I'll have to export them from UnrealEd. Just hit me up with a wishlist and I'll make the changes when I have time.

Also if there's anything else in that package that needs to be adjusted, I can do that too. Since it's in its own self-contained package and not "baked in" to the maps, updating the package should retroactively fix any maps with it. That includes the following actors: Firefly, Go-Kart, Link Tank, Vehicle Healer, ONS Ion Plasma Tank (with team colors), ONS Turrets (auto/ion/link/cannon), Grapple Gun.
The only issue I can think of is the Link Turret's range. Otherwise, the rest of it works pretty well. The team-colored Ion Plasma Tank is now the standard version for that vehicle.
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