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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
Carpe, your response to Termy's post about needing more admins seemed very snarky to me. I don't understand why you are being weird about it. What is wrong with the community suggesting candidates for admins? They know more about other players than the admins do (except maybe Flounder) and the server could definitely use more admins. Hardspike seems to have come back but he was gone for awhile and even Flounder wasn't around for a while. The only other admin that ever plays anymore is KillerDoggie but he was never an everyday type player and seems to be around less often as time goes by. These guys have lives, ofc, and I'm not saying they should be in the game everyday, which is why more admins are needed.
I go fishing on a long range for 8 days and I'm not around much anymore? I'm still here almost every day. I usually play from around 2:00 to 5:00, afternoon delight. Nice to see John SB's made an admin! See ya in game.
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