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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
Carpe, your response to Termy's post about needing more admins seemed very snarky to me. I don't understand why you are being weird about it.
The operative word in your first sentence is "seemed". I'm not sure how I'm being "weird". Read more down
below for possible further clarification/explanation.

Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
Wow. All I said was that OMNI needs more server administrators...
No, actually you didn't. What you did say was:

"and I expected that response from you..."

That comes off very passive-aggressive. Now, maybe you didn't intend it in the way I interpreted it, but adding
an ellipsis (the three dots) leaves the reader (me) to guess at what the missing words are. Since I've already
felt you were being passive aggressive with your comment, you can guess where my interpretation is going to go ?

The admins have been in discussion for well over a month about adding admins, initiated by a couple of
semi-absent admins and by previous requests from the playing population (here in the forums). I was under
the impression that it was general knowledge we were in that process. I guess I was wrong. I intended no
"snarkiness" or anything else, and it's obvious now that I should have chosen my words more carefully; in my original
"snarky" post I simply banged off a response before I had to, you got it, go do real life shit. So since I just admonished
Termy for watching his p's and q's, I apologize.

We (admins) are on it. Should we require suggestions for suitable candidates, we'll ask. Right now we're good.

Thanks for your patience.

note: fuckers just made me waste 10min on this post, now i hafta run off to work.
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