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I think a big ďproblemĒ is the recycling of the same maps over, and over...and over...

Right now, I bet two bits that itís on junkyard.

Or perhaps a new RPG INVASION server is in order...? At the very least, we need to figure out some way to bring the two communities together and MORE AWARE OF EACH OTHER.

But back on topic. The names listed as potential new player/admin-ish group all have my support.

I forgot my main point I was gonna make.

More maps. Less bitching. Go Gamecocks.
Originally Posted by Colbye
Look at this volcano, itís kinda cool lookiní.
Originally Posted by GuythatkillsU
I donít think thereís volcanoes here.
Originally Posted by Colbye
Well, thereís a big ole hole thatís red on the inside...I donít know what else that could be.
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