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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
It doesn't matter. I saw SlaughterU the other day pushing all the vehicles off of the platform in F&F. I called him out on it and he used the classic asshole line of "calm down". You know, the thing people do when they don't have a legit excuse for their actions. They tell you to stop complaining and make it seem like you are overreacting instead of actually trying to defend the douche-bag things they are doing. Deflecting. I thought about reporting him but what's the point anymore.
Naw, there is a point, please report when you think it is warranted. Gotta keep those bitches in-line else this whole server will go to shit in a heart-beat.

I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, but not if I see it repeatedly over a period of different days. I want to have evidence, screen captures, etc, to document, not just hearsay.

BTW: Binger, get your ass on the Facebook group, you're one of the good guys, a keeper, hate to lose contact with yas when this all goes south.
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