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Originally Posted by dimshade View Post
Yeah the east side is the better side. Just about any vehicle that has decent accuracy (including badgers) can hit node 1 since the top of the node is visible from the little building there at 5, plus you have the building to hide behind if there are powerful vehicles on the lake bed.

I understand your feelings on the west side. I just thought that if it was more difficult to put fire on the center nodes instead of the way it is now on the east side, it would require people to go to the node and fight to take it down rather than sit back and shoot from afar like they do now (myself included). Vehicles like the mino and ion will probably always be able to hit the node from multiple places, but a badger or railgun should have to expose itself a bit to shoot the node. Just my opinion, others may disagree. Simply putting a boulder or something in the way could be the solution.

Not sure what to do about the corner nodes. As long as it's equal to the opposing side it shouldn't be an issue, so mapper's choice?

Edit: That fort looks pretty sweet actually.

Yeah, the side with the big plateau instead of the small hill allows the Badger and Railtank to "head glitch" where they can shoot down at someone without them being able to return fire. This also happens on the bridge, but isn't as big of a problem.
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