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Originally Posted by Enyo View Post
I have to respectfully disagree with that... I know because I've had to endure many GTKU rants over the last few weeks! We have ended up on the same team quite a lot. However, you're right in a sense that it often will split up the two top PPH guys, but the rest of the balance seems very off. I don't really know how the balancer is calculating balance at all, other than it's using PPH. Is it taking a long term PPH average for each player, or for just the last few matches? Is it using map specific PPH like was once discussed? Is it giving each team roughly the same overall PPH? IDK... wormbo, care for input here so we actually know how it's calculating?

It seems like it's taking an average of scores across all players and trying to split the average evenly over the two teams. Sometimes often it seems you have one or two players with a really high average PPH paired with a bunch of lower PPH players versus a team full of middle/high average PPH guys. The teams' overall average PPHs may be close to each other, but the team with two power players and a bunch of weak players more often than not will lose, because the other team has mostly players that, although not super strong, do work as a team and go to nodes. Not sure if I'm explaining this scenario well, but it happens something like this:

Team 1:
Plyr1 Avg. PPH: 550
Plyr2 Avg. PPH: 500
Plyr3 Avg. PPH: 250
Plyr4 Avg. PPH: 100
Plyr5 Avg. PPH: 120
Plyr6 Avg. PPH: 80
Overall Avg PPH: 266.6

Team 2:
Plyr1 Avg. PPH: 400
Plyr2 Avg. PPH: 300
Plyr3 Avg. PPH: 250
Plyr4 Avg. PPH: 250
Plyr5 Avg. PPH: 200
Plyr6 Avg. PPH: 200
Overall Avg PPH: 266.6

Now, obviously I'm using round numbers here to make an example, but this is how the balancer often seems to mix up the teams. Both teams have the same average PPH, but team 2 will likely win because it has more middle road players that work together and go after nodes, while team 1 has 3 lower levels that don't do much other than camp somewhere useless or spam locked nodes. And no, I don't have hard numbers to support this, but I don't need to see every player's actual PPH to know this is how teams are often being shuffled. Many of us can look at a team roster and instantly know which team is likely to win based on past experience. Unfortunately, the balancer doesn't seem to have this ability, presumably because the way it's doing calculations.

IDK, maybe I'm all wet here, just my personal observation.
Your post is correct, and unfortunately most game balancers work this way, since there really isn't a better option. The alternative is that middle-of-the-road players are put with the top players, which is unfair to the other team, who now has the second -best players and the worst players.

In the other game I play, Battlefield, my squad will typically kick ass and end up at the top of the scoreboard. Then the game balancer puts the poor players on our team, and the good-but-not-great players on the other team, and we lose simply because the other team has more players actually going to objectives.

The only solution I can think of that doesn't involve advanced statistical analysis is to simply let admins manually switch players around.
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