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Originally Posted by Turbo K View Post
Do you think wins/losses would be a better statistic than PPR?
wins/losses might be good to include as a metric, but not on its own. Even more relevant, IMO, is the rate at which players build/destroy nodes. BUT, as Wormbo already mentioned, including any other metrics than what's already being used (PPH is the only thing used now I think) would take an extraordinary amount of coding time and effort.

I'm not really concerned with having the balancer edited ad nauseum any more... like I said before, not really fair of us last 100 or so players left in this game to ask that of anyone. I just would like for everyone that's willing to start tracking the team makeup and end match results to get some hard numbers on how well the balancer is doing. I've started to take screenshots and record end of match results to get a better idea. I just feel like the balancer makes things worse than random teams, others disagree.
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