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This is a very interesting thread. Glad to see many of you guys have improved over the years. I do remember Enyo, Dimshade and a few others had really come into there own back in 2013 when I popped in for the summer. I would caution the braggers not to brag too much, though. Onslaught's been a different game since 2010-11. Before that it was Deathamatching with nodes. With teams full of phenomenal players like Silent Treatment, RZL DZL, Doublemint, JohnnyHildo, Pi, 40oz and many others I can't remember off the top of my head you had better bring your "A" game. I used to warm up on Death match servers just to come play Onslaught on Omni.
Hell, back when Danno68 and I were in our prime we had some battles where we'd dodge jump over and over so quickly and sporadically that we couldn't kill each. I remember a time or two where we just called it quits and headed off in different directions.
I've looked on YouTube but I haven't found any battles from that time period. Hands down the fondest and funnest memories of my gaming career. Miss it terribly.
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