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Originally Posted by tRES-gONADS View Post
Enyo's been playing around, that I remember around 10 years, maybe 9.on RMD, he was I feel the best. (RMD) Shadow later was close than.Shadow or Bane I felt was the best ever here.Eola is one the best, although he'll spawn kill if he has too.Enyo can still pull his weight and he's paid his dues.His opinion is note worthy.
I began playing around mid 2008, so right at 8 years. I think I started playing here a little over 2 years ago, right after I was erroneously banned from RMD! The RMD admin later admitted he was wrong and let me back on, but I had already come over to OMNI and said, "fuck that guy and his server that nobody plays on anymore because he bans everyone."

Took me a while to adjust from the RMD super weapons to standard. That's why I laugh when everyone complains about overpowered this and that... go play on RMD if you want to see truly overpowered shit. They have a sniper gun called the steorra that can take the mino out in two well placed shots, and that's one of the weaker weapons.
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