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I did a test on the new ArcticJunkyard. These numbers aren't precise but I would say accurate to at least a half a second. I did each test at least 3 times. This is the minigun on the MkII Badger on A-JunkV3 vs the Badger on A-JunkV2 used on 3 different vehicles. Reverse times are when I used the minigun on those vehicles to kill the Badger.

Centaur 500hp
Old = 4 secs / MKII = 11 secs / Reverse = 3.5 secs

Goliath (II) 800 hp
Old = 6 secs / MKII = 18 secs / Reverse = 9.5 secs

Ion Tank 900 hp
Old = 6.5 secs / MKII = 20 secs / Reverse = 9.5 secs

The Centaur had a slight advantage against the old Badger. Now it's not even close. 20 seconds to kill an Ion Tank. If you don't believe me do the test yourself. I know someone might say that the Badger has a second seat but the majority of the time there is only one person in the Badger and many other vehicles also have second seats. For instance the main gun on the Goliath doesn't need 9.5 seconds to kill a Badger. For me this about a vehicle that was the same for like 8 years then suddenly got extremely nerfed. I hate to criticize your work Wormbo, you've done so much for this community and for a server that, afaik, you don't even play on, but Please put the damage values back to what they were. You did some very good things with the Badger but now it is ridiculously under-powered. Please just put it back to what it was. It was one of the most balanced community vehicles there out there.
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