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Originally Posted by Turbo K View Post
I'd say the flame Badger is sufficient and you don't need to do a FireBadger. It's unique and not a direct Badger port of the larger tank.

Ion Badger: Gunner controls the Ion tank part. That would really make this Badger not overpowering. Driver can have a weak minigun like the regular badger.
Link Badger: Driver definitely needs to control the Link beam. The gunner can be a weak green laser or maybe one of those projectile models you were showcasing. Perhaps a rocket that heals things?

The Stealth Badger and BioBadger are fine as is regarding firepower and seating.
If you do decide to make a Link Badger and BioBadger, 600 health would be fine as opposed to the 1k health they currently have.

DesertedSands? The only one I know of is the FlameBadger I put on Severance. It's pretty effective with two people in it. If you're alone, you should probably hop in the HoverBadger instead.
Ahh gotcha. I suck at driving Badgers. Heck, I can squeeze any Leviathan variant into a tight corner but I can't drive a Badger to save my life. I run into everything.
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