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Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
I still don't follow. On TaL, I do spend the majority of my time on foot helping my team control 5 and make my way through the tunnels to the lower primary, typically with a redeemer. So yeah, I do shoot tanks on foot. However on MagicIsle, MTMU, Nevermore, Barracks; I'm rarely on foot, if at all. It all depends on the map which will justify my strategy. On TaL, my services are best fit as mentioned above so that is what I do. Its not because I don't like being in vehicles or that I take pride in being a "vehicle griefer" I'm just simply doing what is required to help the team win. Like you, I will defend my style of play on TaL or Masterbath. On Gritnights; the weapons are there so I'm going to use them. That is all.

I'm all for you fixing it to where I can't stand on top of a tank! Go for it, I encourage it. I will find new ways to beat tanks on foot; that is what makes the game fun, evolving and finding new ways to do things. However, the best way to defeat a tank on foot (if you're far away) is to use the auto lock from the rocket launcher, especially on maps like TaL and Masterbath. It takes 9 rockets to kill a Goliath so that is 3
triple rocket shots. If all 3 rockets hit, that is 270 damage (if you have DD, then 3 rockets will do 540 damage) 270/3 = 90. A single rocket does 90 damage to vehicles. So 270 x 3 = 810. A Goliath has 800 hp so that is 9 rockets or 3 sets of triple rockets, if they all hit... Never spiral them. I see people on top of node 5 using an Avril to shoot a goliath... Why? One shot does 200 and they can be denied... Rockets from the rocket launcher can never be denied, even if you die after firing them. Its all about learning the damage output of the weapons and finding the strengths and the weaknesses... The strength of the rocket launcher is the auto lock feature; it works well on slow moving vehicles such as Goliath's or any Paladin chassis.
Why not spiral? Apparently i've been doing something wrong all this time...