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Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
I'm not sure what you mean when you say ''vehicle griefers" but I will attack you any way I can... Its on you to defend.
But you will almost always choose the way that favors the player on foot. Just like most good DMers you would rather destroy a vehicle on foot than with another vehicle. I could go on and on about how some of us play ONS because we are not good at DM and we would rather play in vehicles and how unrealistic it is for a player on foot to destroy a vehicle so easily and how it's usually the good DM players that use those methods and lines of battle and strategy and all that but it's all been said before. I can't change this trend but I will continue to oppose it when I can, like never playing Grit-Nights with you. And if I can change things so that a player can't stand on top of a tank with no way for the tank to harm him than that's a win for more realistic balance.
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