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1) Possible to fix the Biotank motion-glitching bug?
2) Let Plasmatank drive 15-20% faster (without increasing the turn rate, which is already more than fast enough)?
3) Let Alligator drive and accelerate exactly like MegaBadger (similar speed as Mino, but better acceleration)?
4) Allow Railgun tank's Railgun to penetrate through Paladin/Aegis/Turtle shields?

5) Introduce a super beefed-up SPMA that moves slower like a Basilisk or an Ion Tank, has 1200-1400HP, and has 2nd seat fire shooting out the same shockrifle/ball combos as the Aurora to defend itself from close-up encounters. The primary seat catapult fire disperses 2x as many "bombs" over a wider area, and these bombs are more powerful, doing more damage.
There could also be a Bio version of the SPMA, catapulting sticky goo over long distances?
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