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Originally Posted by BoFox View Post
To be frank, the SPMA camping thing has not really been a problem much at all for many years on the maps, except for the special fire SPMA on a stongehenge-like Dria map. Making the SPMA really slow - like the old turtle or the Basilisk could have balanced it out, and made it a bit more like a leviathan (slower, but more damaging). Personally, I absolutely hate to use SPMA's on any map. It's too much of a hit-or-miss, firing rate is painfully slow, and difficult to defend once attacked. It seems that many players have gotten bored with using the SPMA.

A BioSPMA that tosses huge chunks of slimy goo would be exciting for me to use, or to respond to (an awesome refresher). The original SPMA is nearly as old and boring as the Goliath. The Fire SPMA was cool, but it drove too fast, I think (and caused serious unplayable lag for some with too much graphically intensive burning fire and smoky cloud particles).

Well, my suggestions suck, don't they? You're probably tired now and don't feel up to optimism, eh? Haha. Kidding.
Arctic Junkyard has two new SPMA variants on it that are very effective if used correctly...
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