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Well, it is not solely damage, the other big culprit is movement speed (vehicles) and alternate forms of speedy map mobility (portals in MB for example). And finally there is reduced node health, which while more rare, has the same net effect.... actually even worse since lower node health applies to all players & weapons.

The imbalance has always been there, it was just previously masked by the slower pace of the game (and choke nodes) which allowed high skill players on the disfavored team time to manage the map. Choke nodes are an abomination for competitive play, but they also serve(d) a much needed purpose for public servers with no ladder/rating system.

Primeval is a good example. Another is DW Masterbath vs OMNI Masterbath. The SSR in DW MB, lack of health and shield, and lower portal count, make progress much more difficult if each team has at least 1 player who can aim reasonably well. In the OMNI version, the lack of SSR and greater portal paths means 1 skilled player can't really defend the tank & middle node anymore. This allows for effective zerg rush strats on the goliath, and cabinet/tub which can not be adequately defended without an SSR. Generally, the SSR does not belong in ONS, but in a few rare cases it did serve an actual purpose.

Bitchslap also depends on the version quite a bit. But if it is more or less the classic, it should not be lost pre-ot anyway. StarReach is a higher skill cap map because of the low grav and lack of access to nodes combined with the relative vulnerability of primaries (superweapons) and their shielded nature. It is sort of balanced by the difficultly of converting the primary to core damage, but not really enough.

If one wanted to keep all the new stuff but in a more classic style, one could start by reducing OP vehicle damage by say 20% across the board, increasing node health, reducing ubiquitous superweapons, and resetting broken movement speed vehicles back to their default or at least more sane values. But I have the feeling I have said all of this before.... so good luck with that...
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