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Originally Posted by -Goose- View Post
Nah.... The reason is escalation (of damage).

The poor players have always been there since day 1.
True, I agree that the higher damage vehicles do exacerbate the imbalance in that it only takes one more skilled player to quickly tip the balance. BUT, the frequent imbalance is also definitely attributed to the fact that there are so few skilled players left that one more on a team can tip the balance on ANY map with any vehicle load out. The gross imbalance also happens on maps like MasterBath, Bitchslap, StarReach, Rail and the recently added STOCK Torlan. All those maps have no super-powered vehicles (exception of the ion on MB, which doesn't typically tip the balance), and a team having one or two extra skilled AND aggressive players can and does result in quick and total slaughter.

But, again, you are right about the high damage vehicles. Let's say maybe that both contribute to the frequent imbalance? Either way, I guess my main point that I did not make very well in my OP is please quit all the bitching about the maps and the scoring if you're not willing to contribute to changing those. And quit complaining about balance and just accept that it's not going to change in a game this old. If some players haven't improved beyond where they are at this point, they're probably not going to.
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