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I looked around some more and still can't find anything about the turret range. It's got to be somewhere but I'm done looking so I'm going with Turbo's suggestion. The Biotank turret works offline and in testing it seems to have a longer range. I could hit the ground on the other side of the lake from the same spot on top of the big hill where I tested the others. I would guess it's almost twice as far as the others.

Fix for V4 has been sent to TWC. I'll update the old Dria thread soon.

Edit: If you are not zoomed in to 1st person in the turret your view will sometimes be inside of the tank mesh and it kinds of blocks your view, so go to FP. The muzzle is a little much but it's not as bad as the Firetank laser turret.

Forgot to mention that it still says "Biotank Turret" when you get in and I'm guessing that the stats will show it that way, but... who cares?
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