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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
Any idea how to do that?
Yes. Open the vehicle's default properties in UnrealEd by finding it in Actors -> Pawn -> vehicle -> svehicle -> ONSvehicle -> ONSTreadCraft -> ONSHoverTank -> ONSLinkTank and right-clicking on it. Then go SVehicle -> PassengerWeapons -> +1 -> WeaponPawnClass and use the drop-down selection to replace the "OnslaughtToys1..." with the "Biotank Secondary Turret Pawn".

That should work. No guarantees.

Originally Posted by Terminator View Post
Could the laser be mounted on top of the link tank? The link cannon gets in the way of the gunner's view.
Not on the Ion-Tank chassis. Also, the Link Tank is meant to be used to support a vehicle or a node, not become an offense weapon on its own.
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