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The LT from MTMU-Kamek is the same as the one on Dria-TMU. I replaced it on Dria with the one from Desert that doesn't have the plasma turret and the laser range seems exactly the same. I went to the top of the big hill in the same place with both tanks and shot at the lake, increasing the range until it stopped leaving a mark on the ground. It appeared to happen in the exact same spot, which is way too close for this map.

I looked at everything I could think of in the Pawn area of the actor browser and I can't find anything about the range of the laser. The closest I could find was a Sight Radius in the AI for the turret but that doesn't sound right and it won't let me change it anyway. I even looked at the script for the tank and the turret and I didn't see anything like that at all. Also, I tried changing some of the values in the properties for things that I thought would effect the vehicle movement and I wouldn't let me change any of those either.

I just don't know enough about this stuff. We need Kamek. Unless someone has a solution to increasing the laser range I'm gonna go with the one that's already on there. I don't know what else to do. I guess I could check out the one on Tyrant.
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