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Echoing TK, nice write up Term

Originally Posted by Terminator View Post

The Hellhound is very similar to the original HellBender; however, itís drastically different at the same time. Now, there are two versions of the Hellhound so I will combine the two. At first, I didnít know two versions of the Hellhound existed so when I shared my data with Turbo K, he said the Hellhound should rear turret should do 300 dmg instead of the 250 which I originally recorded. So we will split the Hellhounds as version A and version B. Both versions of the Hellhound feature a rear twin beam turret and skymine combo which makes it similar to the original HellBender. What makes the Hellhound different from the HellBender is the Hellhounds rear wheels aid in turning the vehicle which allows for sharper and crisp turns. The driver also has a weapon, a Manta plasma shots. A single plasma shot from the driver manta turret will do 30 dmg per shot and the secondary shoots a bunch of manta plasma shots and if all hit, it will inflict 240 dmg. Here are differences between the HellHounds; Version A has 600 hit points and the rear turret does 300 dmg upon hitting an enemy with a full charge. Version B has 700 hit points and the rear turret does 250 dmg upon hitting an enemy with a full charge. Both versions of the HellHound feature a skymine shock combo that will do 150 dmg (the most I recorded) upon a direct hit to an enemy. Both versions are faster than the original HellBender. Version A is on the new Dria and DiamondSword while version B is on Magic Ile, Redplanet & Slated World. Iím unsure what versions are on other maps such as Minus, OmahaBeach, Kakmo and Sryma.

My personal favourite. It was an instagib on flyers, and that created much bitching and complaining. I still
fondly remember Loegy and I setting up with one each on Magic Isle (which is the first map they appeared in)
and dominating the skies. It was also made it a ton of fun using the flyers and not getting blasted out of the
sky, [Yoda voice] took piloting skills it did ! [/end Yoda voice]

This initial modification to the HellBender helped spawned the various stronger Raptor variants.

For me, those were the golden years of vehicle modification(s), the early years. I remember many a pow-wow
with Zakk (Gorzakk) discussing how to balance the various vehicles that were starting to appear. Anyway,
I'm waxing melancholy now, again, good write up Term.
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