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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
Nice, Termy. Where did you get those damage numbers?
I went to Lagzilla's server and did testing. For example, I voted in Magic Isle and did testing on the Cerberus. I shot at multiple enemy vehicles with the twin beams; Tiamat, Minotaur, Falcon, Badger. All results equaled to 300 dmg inflicted from a full charge twin beam. I did the same when testing the Cerberus missiles. I shot a missile at the Bio & Fire tanks, Minotaur and Badger. 82 dmg from the driver missile and 247 from the passenger missile. 1400 hitpoints on a bio tank subtract 1153 which is what was left after shooting the tank with a passenger turret missile = 247. I shot a Falcon that has 300 health. 300 subtract 53, which is what was left after firing a passenger seat turret missile, = 247. A badger has 600 health so 600 subtract 353 = 247. There may be an easier way to do it but this made sense to me. And after shooting each vehicle with a missile, I then switched teams and entered the vehicles that I shot to see how much health was left. That is where I got the 1153 left on a Bio Tank, 52 left on a Falcon, 353 left on a badger.

Testing all the skymine combos wasn't easy because damage is done based on how close the combo is to the target upon explosion. I used a Goliath based tank for skymine combo testing. I shot a combo far above the tank and once received Testing Bio Bender it self was a tough task because damage from the rear turret missile will depend on how many of the bio globs land on the vehicle up exploding from bio missile. That is why I had to test the sky mine combos and Bio missiles multiple times in order to come to an accurate number of damage output; or as close as I could. Re-read my review on the Bio Bender, I recorded different damage outputs from the Bio missile upon testing.

I hope this is what you were looking for. I spent nearly 3 weeks collecting data and checked everything twice because I want an accurate number on damage output. Maybe I made mistakes along way; I am human.

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