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Originally Posted by Wormbo View Post
You can also download the ISO without installing Win10 first.
That's what i did. I downloaded both Pro and Home edition to 2 separate USB drives that the installer made boot-able.
The whole thing seems kind of hokey if you ask me. Get used to their big brother style CD Key then with this version (at least the free version), the installer key doesn't come into play but you know the shackles are getting attached somewhere.
I prefer open source Linux over that any day, but I must have my media edition pc for UT and other windows apps. I suspect Microsoft is feeling the heat of Linux (Android) and they care getting a bit desperate. I read something about the solitaire app that once came bundled in windows is now a monthly rental if you want it, or maybe it was ad free version.. either way, it seems to me they are trying the Google approach. I doubt they will be successful at it, because you can download and install another version of Solitaire instead of Microsoft's version.
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