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Originally Posted by Gorzakk View Post
Thanks for the kind words but if some other communities saw that they would actually send anthrax to Epic.

Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade sufficiently to mod for UT3, and if I do mod for UT3 all of my stuff will be )o( exclusive. This is the first community that has run my material without giving me huge piles of shit for it. the look of your avatar you're probably quite good at using the litter box. I agree though, a Gorz map means a hell of a lot of fun and chaos with great super vehicles.

And Othello "he who uses a bot name just to confuse the hell out of me", you gotta stop drinking Coors. May I point you to Goose Island, Samuel Adams, 3 Floyd's, 2 Brothers, Dogfish Head, Bell's, Sierra Nevada, Pyramid....

of course, we don't make Old Speckled Hen, which is the nectar of the gods (that luckily the local british pub has on tap right now), drool.
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