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Originally Posted by hardspike View Post
So you want to take a vehicle that has 2000 HP, an ungodly amount of firepower with huge splash damage, three seats... and make it HARDER to kill?
Who said make it harder? The vehicle load outs are the same. Teamwork is usually what wins the game. Its pretty rare that 3 people get in the Mino anymore, so there's that. Why am I telling you this? Oh yea, cuz you put in that comment about making something harder to kill. I'm not suggesting changing the Mino,(making it harder to kill) Its just if you can kill it by throwing a cigarette butt at it, just remove it because the game is broken. What do you suggest Hardspike? I take it you don't agree with any of the things being talked about?
Maybe there could be a weapon that could kill, anything, just by looking at it? Last person to spawn wins! Then this game could be simulated instead of played.
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