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Originally Posted by Binger View Post
Here is a Mino without the Bio multiplier. I removed all the multipliers, which were all reducing damage besides the Bio one. I did get a warning but it compiled anyways and seems to work. I would like to do more to it but I'm gonna put this out there now because I will probably never get around to it again. That warning does worry me though.

I would like to be able to prevent the Mino from getting bumped around so easy. That seems so wrong for what is obviously supposed to a heavier tank than the Goliath. I don't know how to do that though. I would also like to give it some decent brakes.

btw, when testing this Mino edit I shot it with a full bio glob and it actually made the unmanned tank roll back. Sigh.
The one I edited on Arctic Junkyard has no Bio Multipliers, and no issues compiling.

Racer, would you be down with going back to stock vehicles for a week? They were balanced around the default weapons, so no Bio multipliers there. Plus, the hit reg issues would be much better. The biggest culprits for hit reg is the Mino vs. the Goliath Mk. II's, Dragon, and Hammerheads.
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