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Originally Posted by Carpe Diem View Post
I really hate to sound like the old man here, but back in the day...

While the map is definitely a dual choke point map, in the golden years of ONS a well co-ordinated TEAM effort often resulted in the capture
of 3-6, and subsequently (but not always) a victory. It was a thing of beauty when it was pulled off... constant reports of various players
doing their pieces, at the right time and in the right order to achieve the node take down AND holding it.

*melancholy sigh*

Another fun thing about BF was when you managed to snag the other teams Raptor and keep it from them. Mocking them all the time on
voice of course. TheLoegrus and I had many fun battles stealing and/or trying to get the Raptors back.

Fun times. Go here for a trip down memory lane:

great POST! +567
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