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Originally Posted by hardspike View Post
And this is why we don't play Battlefront any more here.
There's only 4 tanks per side. If you're going to put one in the bunker you're playing too much defense and you're going to lose. That's 25% of your most powerful vehicles not playing offense.

Like Mr. Crow / Racer_X said, the tank can be defeated. Stand way back from the bunker and pepper him with Shock Rifles. Drive an ion tank to the entrance. Team up with a partner - have him go in and get killed by the tank, charge in behind him with a deemer and kill the tank before he can fire the second shot....
We don't play it because it's boring stalemate map. The only maps worse are the default blue win maps where no one can build a node for the whole game.

You can position it around the corner where absolutely no incoming fire can hit it (except maybe slightly by other tank fire). The splash damage off the tunnel walls will destroy any deemer whatsoever. The ion is the only thing that can reliably kill it, provided they're not in the ion inside the tunnel. Good luck surviving in anything when 3 other tanks spawn directly above the node of a tunnel filled with spider mines.
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